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The Cost of Moving

By Derren Peters

Whether you're heading to a new place in a new state, or staying within Massachusetts, moving brings a lot of excitement and change. But it's important to develop a moving budget to save money and avoid unnecessary expenses. Moving can bring a lot of small costs, and the amount you will actually spend is not always so obvious at the start. The expenses for larger items are fairly clear, like the price of renting a truck or hiring a moving company, airline ticket fees, and buying packing supplies or using a packing service. But beyond the essentials, be mindful of the extra costs involved with your move.

In Massachusetts, moving companies do not provide insurance as a standard feature; what they offer is "valuation protection." The coverage is based on weight, with the standard rate usually around 60 cents per pound, not enough to replace a broken or damaged item. That's especially true for small, valuable items, such as crystal, glass or porcelain. As well, the standard rate is not necessarily what you'll receive if your any of your goods are damaged. The rate is the maximum coverage you're entitled to, but taxes and local regulations may cut in to the amount you receive. For complete protection you will need to acquire additional coverage, whether through a third party insurer, or a full coverage plan offered by the mover.

Your budget should take into account the travel costs associated with your move, i.e. gas, hotels, meals, plane tickets, etc. If you're flying, add in taxi fares, airport fees (baggage, surcharges). If you're traveling with pets, research and add up the vet fees, carrier costs and flight price.

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