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Homes for Sale near El Cerrito Plaza Station - Richmond Line

El Cerrito Plaza is one of two BART stations in the City of El Cerrito. It serves southern El Cerrito, northern Albany, Kensington and nearby areas of Berkeley and Richmond.

6699 Fairmount Avenue / El Cerrito, CA 94530
This station has Monthly Reserved, Daily Fee ($1), Extended Weekend, Carpool and Airport/Long Term parking. Estimated Parking Fill Time: 7:50 AM
All BART stations have accessible elevators. In some stations you may need to use two different elevators to get from the street to the train platform level. If you arrive at a BART station and are unable to enter or exit the station because the elevator is not working, contact the Station Agent. They will help you enter or exit in another way if possible, or refer you to an alternate means of transportation such as a bus or paratransit.