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Homes for Sale near San Francisco Int'l Airport Station - Pittsburg-SFO Line

This station is located in the International Terminal at SFO. It's a short walk to United Airlines in Terminal 3, but all domestic terminals (1, 2 & 3) are one to three minutes away on AirTrain.

International Terminal, Level 3 / San Francisco Int'l Airport, CA 94128
There's no BART parking at this station. The closest station parking is at Millbrae Station.
All BART stations have accessible elevators. In some stations you may need to use two different elevators to get from the street to the train platform level. If you arrive at a BART station and are unable to enter or exit the station because the elevator is not working, contact the Station Agent. They will help you enter or exit in another way if possible, or refer you to an alternate means of transportation such as a bus or paratransit.
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