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Why Use a Seller's Agent

By Derren Peters

One of the first decisions you are confronted with when selling your house is whether or not to list it with a realtor or try to sell alone, without the help of an agent. The idea of taking 6 percent immediately out of the value of your house may hard for you to wrap your head around, but before you start putting up "open house" signs in your yard, you should first consider how an agent can help you out.

The most important thing that your agent helps you with is marketing your house. This means informing other real estate agents and real estate listings about the fact that your house is on the market. Also, it means that your agent will take care any potential advertising of your house. Of course, you could do all of this work yourself. However, having an agent's experience in the real estate world definitely pays off. For example, an agent will know that right amount of advertising to do so that your house is not overexposed.

Additionally, the actual process of selling your house can be both stressful and complicated. Once again, it can be beneficial to approach the procedure with the help of an agent's experience. An agent can objectively assess a buyer's offer and advise you with your counter-offer. Furthermore, it is an agent's job to help you navigate the enormous amount of difficult paperwork that is associated with selling process. Considering that a house is the single most expensive thing that you own, it is a good idea to know what all the forms that you are signing mean.

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