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What To Do If You Need To Move in a Hurry

Sometimes there's no way to avoid needing to move before you've finished selling your house. You may need to start on your new job in a different location or want your kids to start the school year in their new school. Or you may have some other reason why you need to leave your current house in the near future. Unfortunately it often takes time to find a buyer willing to pay a reasonable price.

If you've already found a buyer and sold your house, then the process is simple and the only thing you have to focus on after you move is paperwork. But if you still need to sell your home, the process can be more difficult. Sometimes one spouse can stay behind and work on selling the home, but fairly often both parents need to move or the home is owned by a single owner. If that's the case, the following are some tips to keep in mind when trying to sell your home from a distance.

Stage your home in some form or other. If you can, leave behind some of the furniture in a nice setup that appeals to the potential buyer. If you need to take all of your furniture with you, then leave behind photos of the room from when it was furnished and make sure the carpets are clean, touch up on any scuff marks, and hire someone to take care of your yard. Stay in close contact with your real estate agent and stay updated on how many people are viewing the house and what feedback the agent is getting. Cancel your newspaper subscription ? both to save money and keep the house from looking like nobody lives there. To keep potential burglars away, put your lights on a timer and leave your security alarm on. You can give the code to your real estate agent for when he shows buyers the house. Also review your homeowner's insurance provisions because some policies have a cap on how long they'll cover vacant homes.

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