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Understanding Your Energy Field at Flowerday Intuitive Counseling & Healings

By Marina I. Jokic

Practicing an integrated type of healing including Reiki and intuitive counseling, Pam Flowerday has been helping people break out of old, destructive patterns of behavior and thought since 1999. Opening her own counseling center (Pam Flowerday Intuitive Counseling & Healings) in Alameda, she is a firm believer in the transformative power of energy work.

Since a very young age, Flowerday has been interested in spiritual development, and especially meditation. In particular, she cites Rosalyn Bruyere's and Barbara Brennan's books and trainings as seminal in inspiring her to delve deeper into the study of energy in relation to the human body. And so, she began holding her own workshops in 2004.

"I just found the field fascinating -- that one can channel and direct energies which have a profound effect on the recipient without any physical manipulation whatsoever," she says.

In 1998, she completed a comprehensive program in hands-on energy healing and Reiki through "Lighten Your Way." After some time of practice and training, she had completed two clairvoyant training programs in the San Francisco Bay Area consisting of four years of intensive training and apprenticing in clairvoyance. Flowerday adds: "I sought a deeper understanding of the human energy field and how it functions, and also wanted to learn to 'see' energetic blocks clairvoyantly, and understand how to release them."

Indeed, her knack for spiritual reading and energy body work really showed, and in it, she found a vocation that fulfilled her. "I loved doing intuitive readings and found they were immensely beneficial to clients," Flowerday points out. In short, intuitive counseling helps clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves and break away from old patterns and shed their emotional baggage. Flowerday recognized the power of her work, and twenty years later, her business is continuing to thrive in the Alameda community.

The other aspect of her work, Reiki, is grounded in the original Japanese tradition which works with the multiple streams of energy in a person's body in order to produce beneficial physical effects. Flowerday also learned the traditional hand placements along the body and ways of performing remote healings if a person could not be present for a session. She learned Reiki under the Usui tradition, which was founded by Japanese Master Usui. Reiki's purpose is to support people's journey back to wholeness--physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The ultimate goal of the counseling sessions and energy work, Flowerday says, is to bring people a deeper self-understanding, acceptance, and freedom. "We live with so much background noise: fears, unresolved issues and confusion, expectations, other people's opinions and pressure, and negative past experiences -- and it all is imprinted in our energy field," she states. These external pressures take their toll on our bodies and psyches, and drive us unconsciously to repeat destructive patterns of behavior. Flowerday's goal is to break such cycles, and allow people to live their lives with a fresh perspective.

Intuitive counseling can help a person explore subconscious triggers, and try to reveal their roots. By acknowledging and accepting our past experiences, we can let them go and move on, Flowerday says. As part of positive reinforcement, the counseling sessions redirect people's thinking and give them more choices for the future. In short, the intuitive counseling unearths important information, while the hands-on Reiki restores the energy field during times of emotional stress, exhaustion, and illness.

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