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Understanding Professional Home De-Cluttering Services: An Interview with Dana Arkinzadeh of DMA Organizing

By Dana Arkinzadeh

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

DMA Organizing was founded in 2002. We work to create functional spaces that people love to use. We believe there is a harmony that happens when a person's home truly supports and matches the unique life or lives of the people who live there.

Our philosophy "live life by design, not by default" means we coach clients to make conscious choices about what they keep or don't keep in their homes and reflect on how those decisions help them lead the life they want to be living. We believe the "stuff" in our lives is there for a purpose but ideally is there to make our life activities more easy, efficient, and enjoyable!

What are the most popular reasons homeowners get the help of a professional de-cluttering/organizing company?

Most of our clients are stuck in place of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by their clutter. Often they've recently experienced a life event which acts as a tipping point or catalyst to motivate them to get help - moving, remodel, marriage, divorce, new child, job change, dealing with a parent's estate, and empty nest are a few examples.

Is there a common misconception that people have about house de-cluttering/organizing services?

Being organized does not necessarily mean being neat! Organization is all about how a space functions and neatness is about how a space looks. Every person has a very different sense of what clutter is to them and how much of it stresses them out. When a space is organized it means everything has a logical and convenient home that comfortably fits. Then, if you choose to keep the spaces neat, cleanup and pickup can happen quickly and easily.

What are the basic service options that you offer your clientele base?

We often start with a Needs Assessment which is a overview planning session. We offer all manner of home organizing - kitchens, home offices, kids' rooms, closet design, garages/attics/basements. We do space planning, and packing related to remodels and moves. Also paper & digital organizing and special projects as requested!

What is the one part of the home that is normally the most unorganized and unkempt?

For busy families with kids the common problem is paper and miscellanea covering kitchen counters and dining areas. Even for families who handle much of their bill paying online there usually is still a backup of incoming mail, school notices and artwork, calendars, flyers, etc. We also see lots of closets filled with unused items or with lots of under-utilized space.

Do you have any tips for Bay Area homeowners about hiring a de-cluttering company?

Make sure it feels like a good fit! Organizing is very personal work and as a client you should feel safe, not judged, and comfortable with the organizer you invite into your home. Even if someone is very experienced they may not be the right personality fit for you. Confidentiality is essential to the trust relationship. There are a wide range of rates and experience available to clients. The bay area chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers offers a search tool to find an organizer near you.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?, 510-206-4812,

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Milesbf Smith

I found a lot of interesting information here. A really good post, very thankful and hopeful that you will write many more posts like

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