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Traditional Medicine for Contemporary Needs at Bay Area's Challenor Acupuncture

By S. Mathur

Challenor Acupuncture offers treatments for a variety of conditions using a combination of acupuncture, herbal therapy, and nutritional counseling. Acupuncture has been used successfully to treat chronic conditions that have resisted treatment through conventional medicine. Owner Peter Challenor explains that "Acupuncture has been utilized for at least 2000 years, with phenomenal results, that often defy Western Medicine." While it is based in Chinese traditional medicine, he adds that it is constantly evolving to meet the demands and stresses of modern life.

The strongest argument in favor of acupuncture is its practical effectiveness. Challenor says that "Herbal medicine has been a part of every culture since mankind first tried to deal with the health issues we face. It has been, and is still widely studied, and is often the basis of many modern allopathic drugs. The combination often produces results, when nothing has."

People who choose acupuncture treatments are usually suffering from some pain related issue, like neck, back, or limb pain, which conventional treatments have been unable to help. Acupuncture produces results that pretty much speak for themselves. Besides chronic or acute pain, it can be used to treat breathing issues like asthma, allergies,COPD, etc., hormonal issues like PMS, menopausal symptoms, dermatological problems, like psoriasis and eczema, emotional issues like depression and anxiety, infertility problems, and problems with pregnancy.

Challenor says that he was originally drawn to acupuncture when he was working as a Registered Nurse. He took a two-day seminar on acupressure for nurses, for continuing education credits in order to renew his license, and he was fascinated by what he learned. The real test, he says, came when his wife "had a problem that for over a year, no one was able to help her with, until she finally got over her fear of needles, and had about 8 acupuncture treatments, and the problem was gone. I felt like it was a sign from above, that this was the direction I needed to go, and I haven't looked back since."

His patients in Antoich and surrounding communities are no doubt very glad that he has chosen to follow this profession for nearly 25 years. The treatment for each patient is different, based on individual needs. Challenor says that his style of acupuncture combines Chinese, Japanese, and Korean "depending on what I feel is best for each person. I used to be one of the most needle-phobic people ever, so I try to give the kind of treatment that I wouldn't mind receiving myself."

Challenor thinks that it is important for people to understand what acupuncture can do for them: "I think that anyone, who is having a trouble resolving just about any problem, or wants to take care of their health, without taking a lot of drugs, would be pleasantly surprised at what acupuncture can do for them." For people who are seriously needle-phobic, Challenor Acupuncture offers alternatives like laser acupuncture and needle touching treatments, though these can be used for a limited number of cases.

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