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Top Five Upcoming Towns in the Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to many upcoming towns and quickly growing towns. The Bay Area is the epicenter for growth in the state of California which means finding affordable housing in the area is not likely to get any easier as more and more families and singles alike push their way in. Statewide, four out of five of the leading counties for growth in the state of California are located in the Bay Area including:

  • Santa Clara County
  • Alameda
  • San Mateo
  • San Francisco


The area of Fremont has seen an above average growth rate over the past ten years and is expected to continue to grow despite a higher than normal risk for Earthquakes in the area. Education in the area is above average, medical is well above the state standards and most residents appreciate the growing culture, entertainment and amusement offerings in the area.


Names one of the best places to live in the Bay Area, Hayward has a lower than average property tax rate and has seen a rise in population over recent years. In 2011, Hayward was ranked #1 city in the country poised for Greatness in sports, art, music and culture. Creativity seems to flock toward the water making Hayward one of the leading cities for growth in the San Francisco Bay Area.

San Ramon

A job growth rate of more than 26% makes San Ramon one of the fastest upcoming towns in the Bay Area. The area is rather small and progressive in nature but a convenient location to all major cities and the high volume atmosphere of San Francisco make San Ramon one of the leading growth towns in the Bay Area. The San Ramon school system is also pretty good making this a high growth area for families too!


Oakley saw an annual growth of more than 9% in recent years making it one of the leading cities for growth in population in the Bay Area. With more than 500 restaurants in a 15 mile radius in Oakley, this is a true attraction for people who like to eat! Many young families and singles move to Oakley each year adding to the overall growth rate which continues to be on the rise despite higher than average housing rates.


Sunnyvale is one of a number of major cities in the Bay Area that make up the Silicon Valley. The seventh most populated city in San Francisco, Sunnyvale is likely leading the growth charts primarily as a result of its prime location for technology inspired entrepreneurs. For convenience and prime location to Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale is one of very few cities in the United States that also has a unified Department of Public Safety in which all personnel are trained to be EMTs, police officers and firefighters at the same time. Homebase for Yahoo!, Lockheed Martin Space Systems and other major employers, Sunnyvale can attribute much of its growth to the addition of these major employers and the employees looking to live close to work.

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