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Top Five Best Towns to Rent in the Bay Area

While cheap rent isn't the only deciding factor when it comes to finding the best towns for renters in the Bay Area, it's definitely on the top of the list. Other factors that should be considered when seeking the ideal rental in the Bay Area include crime rates, schools, and convenience. If you're looking for the cheapest towns for renting property around the Bay Area, take a drive east of downtown San Francisco and continue east for the lowest rents. Likewise, if you're looking for the best schools, most convenient transportation or other features, you may want to head more west toward Alameda or Santa Clara counties.

Ultimately, the best place to rent will depend on your individual needs. Are you a renter in search of culture such as restaurants and a fun nightlife? Are you looking for accessibility? Do you prefer to have less traffic or an easier commute to another major area for work? All of these factors will help you to determine which area of the Bay will be most suitable for your needs.

Inner Richmond, San Francisco

Look to rent in Inner Richmond if you're looking for a place where there are plenty of local bars and restaurants to enjoy. Rent in the area is relatively affordable set right in the middle at about $2.34 per square foot on average. Inner Richmond is a relatively safe neighborhood and the citywide reputation for good eats and fantastic restaurants makes this the ideal place to rent if you don't want to cook!

Santa Clara

Are you looking to rent somewhere that you can be close to technology startups and major corporations? If you're a technology guru who wants to rent in the Bay Area and stay close to major headquarters such as Intel and other major Silicon Valley technology corporations, Santa Clara is the best place for you. Space is limited here and it may take some time to find an apartment in the area but you'll be close to major startups and technological outpours.


Are you looking for the best school district in the Bay Area? If your ideal rental does not necessarily depend on price but more so on the educational makeup of the area then Piedmont may be the ideal town for you! Piedmont median rental prices are around $3300 for a three bedroom home or apartment which is about double the cost of a rental in the cheapest neighborhoods of Brentwood and Vallejo. The school district in Piedmont has a graduation rate of 99.5% which is significantly higher than state averages.


Haight-Ashubury provides an abundance of rental options and a convenient location which makes for the ideal rental area if you want to be close to it all. There are several parks and plenty of restaurants and shops locally as well as a public transportation system that makes for easily getting from one place to the next. This is an excellent area for students and families renting in the Bay Area.


If you're looking for the cheapest median square foot price in the Bay Area, Brentwood is the ideal town for you. For the safest areas of Brentwood in terms of low crime, the Marsh Creek Road and Deer Valley Road area is pretty safe as well as the area of Lone Tree Way and Empire Avenue. Average per square foot rental price in Brentwood is well below the Bay Area median coming in at less than $1 per square foot!

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