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Top Five Best School Systems in the Bay Area

While the public schools throughout the state of California are generally regarded as average quality, you'll find a healthy mix of both very exceptional schools as well as very poor schools throughout the state. Bay area school systems, like the rest of the state school systems, are mixed based largely on the disproportionate collection and distribution of taxes that are used to fund public schools. Typically, the pricier neighborhoods such as Piedmont, Lamorinda and San Francisco have better school systems than areas where there are lower end properties that do not bring in as much revenue.

Piedmont Unified School District

Comprised of seven schools in the city of Piedmont, California, the Piedmont Unified School District offers above average education with the majority of students scoring well above state standards on California's Standardized Tests. Piedmont school district has an overall standardized testing score of 90% compared to a state average of 55%. Overall school district graduation rate in Piedmont is 99.5% versus the Alameda county average of 79.4%.

Woodside Elementary School District

If you're looking for one of the best elementary school districts in the Bay area, Woodside Elementary School District offers well above state average testing scores that are hard to beat. English and Language arts grades as well as science and mathematics are all at advanced levels in the Woodside Elementary school district scoring above 90% versus the state average of 56%.

Lakeside Joint School District

Located in Los Gatos, California, the Lakeside Joint School District ranks amongst the highest in the state of California for science scores on standardized tests. Elementary students at Lakeside Elementary scored 100% on science testing and 96% on math compared to a state average of 60% and 56% respectively for these two subjects. The elementary school consists of less than 100 students so student to teacher ration remains low allowing for more one on one instruction.

Los Altos Elementary School District

The Los Altos Elementary School District uses various programs that are proven to help every child to achieve academic results. California State Standardized test scores in this district are well above the state averages. Students in this district scored 93% in English, 89% in math, and 96% in science compared to state averages of 56%, 51% and 60% respectively.

Hillsborough City Elementary School District

The Hillsborough City School District provides education for children from Kindergarten through eighth grade. The middle school, William H. Crocker Middle School, has been recognized four times for the Excellence in Education Award and is the ONLY school in the country to have a four time recognition for such an award. Hillsborough City Elementary School District has advanced standardized testing score averages of 95% in English, 90% in Math, 94% in Science and 93% in History. All of these scores are well above the California state averages making this one of the best school districts not only in the Bay area but in the entire state of California!

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