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Take your Exercise to the Next Level with Pilates V Studio's High Energy, High Caliber Workouts

By Elisha Neubauer

While Pilates has been an exercise that has gained widespread popularity in recent years, there have been some confines on the actual practice. Limited classes and high price points in most gyms have kept individuals from partaking in the activity on a regular basis.

The members of Team V, of Pilates V Studios, knew they wanted to give the physical regime a rebirth: making it accessible and affordable to all, thus combating some of the restrictions or misconceptions of the endeavor.

Pilates V's mission is simple and clear from the moment you enter the building: they strive to bring quality and affordable Pilates equipment classes to every type of body, including those who have ever felt limited due to an injury or chronic pain.

"After suffering back and hip injuries early in life and falling in love with Pilates as a means to not only stay fit, but keep our bodies out of pain, we knew we wanted to build a space where people felt they could get a true boutique fitness experience, but also feel confident they could do so safely and without judgment," explains Gina Del Vecchio, Studio Owner.

From the moment they kicked open their doors, Pilates V has worked hard to offer three main points: the best instructors, most available number of classes, and a reasonable cost.

Having over 50 classes per week in each location, Pilates V definitely blows the competition out of the water. Unlike most general gym facilities, Pilates V solely focuses on the activity. This allows for more than just one or two classes scheduled inconvenient times, like their counterparts. They have the widest amount of time slots spread out across the week, making sure everyone has a chance to participate.

When it comes to instructors, Del Vecchio boasts they are the secret sauce to the amazing mix that is Pilates V. "Our secret is not so secret: the Pilates V family," she states. "Our entire team of instructors and client service associates are what make us who we are." One of their largest investments was in talent recruitment and retention, giving them a highly qualified, high-caliber staff ready to give you the best experience possible.

In addition to providing the utmost competent team, Pilates V also trains the next wave of high energy, exceptionally trained instructors. Their teacher training program is 500 hours and is approved by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). It is designed to prepare new instructors for stepping into the world of Pilates instruction.

"What truly makes our program unique is the mentorship our Director of Education, Giselli Anderson provides, in addition to the access students get to our staff and classes," De Vecchio says. "Due to the availability of classes, diverse client base, and varying styles of teachers, students of our program have a wide range of resources to learn unique techniques that make them some of the most well-rounded trainers!"

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