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Steps to Building a Home: An Interview with Rolando Flores of Customs Home Builders

By Rolando Flores

Tell us about your company and its foundation.

I used to work as a journeyman carpenter from 1960 to 1974, and then later as a Foreman and then Superintendent at California Modern Builders and other construction companies. Around that time is when I decided to go independent and open up my own business. Custom Homes Builders was founded in 1974 when I became fully licensed by the CA State Contractor's Licensing Board (Lic. # 299794). I specialize in residential and light commercial construction. Our main goal is to provide consumers with high-end workmanship and materials. We pay high attention to details and complete every job with the customer's satisfaction.

How long does it typically take to build a home, start to finish?

This is not an easy question to answer. If conditions are optimal (e.g. No bad weather), suppliers and or vendors, sub-contractors strikes, building department's inspections delays or any other unforeseen issues that may arise during construction, it may take approximately 12 months from the time we break ground to the final turnkey completion. Not including pertaining site work (i.e. fencing, gates, site lighting, irrigation, landscaping etc. etc.)

Please list the steps to building a home, with a short explanation of each:

  1. Clearing of building site and or demolition of existing building if applicable.
  2. Grading lot and establish the building pad.
  3. Lay out and establish building outline and foundation.
  4. Dig Building foundation footings and or retaining walls if applicable.
  5. Removal and disposal of debris and or excess soil generated from above.
  6. Build all forms for foundation and or retaining walls, ready to pour foundation concrete.
  7. Strip forms and or retaining walls after concrete has cured, general clean up.
  8. Start actual building framework i.e. all structural floors, walls, roof structure etc.

Typically, in what step do the most issues for the homeowner arise?

I like the owners to be fully involved in every stage of the building from start to finish, if possible.

Alternatively, be readily available to meet and solve building related issues of design and or any questions that may arise. Making absolutely certain that what we are building is what they envisioned from their plans. Some times what they see per their plans their plans it is not what they thought they wanted.

What is the easiest way to contact you and your company?

Office: (650) 726-7477
Fax: (650) 726-5887
Mobile: (650) 483-1971
Alternate E-mail:

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