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Stacked Adventures Provides Hands-On Guidance In The Great Outdoors

By Pamela Sosnowski

The idea of camping, kayaking, and exploring the outdoors in general can be intimidating to some people, especially if they're a newbie to outdoor recreation and are unfamiliar with the proper equipment to bring along. Stacked Adventures of Alameda is helping to bridge this gap, by providing guide, gear, and concierge services to people who don't have the skill level, gear, and/or knowledge to do it safely on their own. At the same time, it allows tourists to create their own outdoor adventure experience.

"Stacked Adventures was created to give people the opportunity to create their own outdoors adventures at their own pace, with their own ideas of what they want to experience while doing so close to home and affordable," says Joe Stack, Owner and Founder. "It has been a dream of mine to allow people the opportunity to choose how they want to experience the great outdoors while making it accessible through affordability and safety. It's my goal to take away most constraints and makes these outdoor experiences possible for everyone."

Through Stacked Adventures, participants have the opportunity to kayak in Tamales Bay and catch crabs, backpack through a redwood forest, or enjoy camping with all basic creature comforts provided, such as meals, shelter, and a guided tour of local attractions. There are packages available for couples, families, and singles, but for the most part, all they need is to show up and be ready for fun.

"I specialize in "turn key" outdoor recreation services," says Stack. "I take care of all the planning, and logistics so that people only need to choose the type of adventure they want to experience then just show up ready to go with no worries about safety, if they forgotten something, or anything else. This allows participants to really maximize their enjoyment and time while they are in the great outdoors."

Adventures range from day excursions to trips lasting up to a week. In addition to its regular packages, Stacked Adventures offers in-depth workshops that provide a little more education on outdoor skills that students can take back home with them, such as kayaking basics, learning how to handle emergencies, gourmet cooking for the outdoors, fishing, compass navigation and more. These workshops work with a person's comfort level and abilities rather than making them into "hardcore" experts.

Being situated in the Bay Area gives Stacked Adventures unlimited eye catching terrain to explore. "There are so many wonderful things about the outdoors especially in the Bay Area, which is why it is an outdoor mecca in the outdoor recreation industry," explains Stack.

"We have three different eco-systems within a half a day's drive, the ability to go from sea level to over 14000' in a day, and my personal favorite, the opportunity to experience a variety of different waterways from oceans to creeks. Then when you combine our great weather with minimal insects/outdoor critters we have it so good with an abundant amount of adventures easily accessible throughout the entire year."

Stacked Adventures also works with groups for team building, birthday parties, celebrations, and more. Like all trip packages, they may all be tailored to participants' abilities, ages, and activity interest. In many instances, they also pick up passengers at public transit locations. With Stacked Adventures, there's no excuse not to enjoy the great outdoors -- and do so safely.

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