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SozoFit Brings Members Physical Fitness of the Mind, Body, and Soul with Customized Training and Nutritional Plans

By Elisha Neubauer

When it comes to health and fitness, you'll find most gyms and trainers focus on the physical fitness side of the spectrum, At SozoFit, it's the balance between the mental and the physical side that takes precedence. Striving to make a personal connection with each and every individual, SozoFit offers personalized training, group training, and boot camps to help ensure their clients are living a healthy lifestyle, both in and out of the gym.

The concept of this health and fitness balance came from CEO and Founder, Manny Borja. "I started Sozofit because I wanted to bring health & fitness together," he explains. "I realized that several trainers in the industry promoted one or the other more and I wanted to bring a message of balance considering health above all."

The company's bread and butter, so to speak, lies in their personal training programs. Each personal trainer is highly experienced and equipped with the right tools and certifications to help you reach your full potential. They work with each client in a one on one facet, ensuring a fully customized training program that meets each individual's needs.

These specifically tailored programs are design to match and increase your fitness level, allowing you to grow within each session, and are paired with a nutritional plan that suits your lifestyle. In general, these sessions are approximately an hour long and are held in the 1,200 square foot, fully equipped gym.

To maximize their success stories, SozoFit has also created several other programs. Their various list of uniquely styled programs makes their training available to all walks of life and combats the variables which may stop someone from achieving their goals, such as motivation, age, distance, time, and many other factors. For those who don't believe a one on one session is right for them, SozoFit offers a group training program. Boot Camps are available for those looking to boost their fitness plans, or are perhaps looking for a higher energy program. Both indoor and outdoor boot camps are offered.

For those unable to make it to the facility or who would prefer to train in their comfort zones (such as their homes, offices, private gyms, or local parks), in-home training programs are offered for a small fee. "All of our classes are high energy focused on exercises that get your blood pumping and heart rate up which is great for fat loss," says Borja. All ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels can be found in attendance at SozoFit, making it a comfortable place for anyone, regardless of their situation. "I love the classes because our groups are so diverse," Borja adds.

But, even though the classes are high energy and open to all, Borja attributes another factor to the success stories seen at SozoFit. According to him, the battle begins in the mental facet long before the clients hit the floor. "Most of the battle starts in the mind so if we are able to help influence our clients the exercising and nutrition part becomes easier," he details. "It's like working out with a friend who happens to motivate you, keep you accountable and has a good amount of knowledge in health and fitness."

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