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San Jose Psychic Institute Awakens the Inner Psychic In Everyone

By Pamela Sosnowski

When you hear the word psychic, does the stereotypical image of a gypsy woman peering into a crystal ball come to mind? The San Jose Psychic Institute is shattering that old myth by teaching that everyone has psychic abilities within them--they just need to be awakened with the right tools and teachers, which the institute has been offering since 2011.

"I have yet to meet anyone who didn't have innate psychic skills," Reverend Judith Catalano, the Director of Spiritual Training, and Marc Shargel, a teacher, said. "You know the old saying, 'Don't think of a pink elephant'? You have that image in your mind now, don't you? If I say, 'Imagine a rose,' you can see the flower, can't you? It is this ability to create images that we use when doing any kind of meditation, and in opening our psychic abilities."

The institute offers a variety of classes, workshops, and events in a fun, informative atmosphere that enable participants to tap into their own psychic powers. There are classes in meditation and healing, using the spirit to heal both emotionally and physically, as well as programs in becoming a clairvoyant and spiritual mastery, or learning the art of living your life's purpose. All of the teachers have trained at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and teach techniques that can be "understood and practiced by people here in the U.S." according to Catalano.

The institute also hosts quarterly psychic fairs during the year, inviting the public to learn more about the institute while trying out a free aura reading or having a mini reading done that consists of having one question answered.

"We keep the energy fun and light as we say hello to each person who walks through the door," Catalano and Shargel said. Much of the fairs' staff members are students and graduates of the institute's clairvoyant program that are gaining hands-on experience and continuing on their spiritual journey.

Not only are psychic activities fun but they deliver several health benefits as well.

"'Mindfulness' has become a buzzword in recent years," Catalano and Shargel said. "When I asked a psychologist what he meant by the term, I realized I'd been teaching it for 30 years. Stress reduction, greater focus, better self-control, and an increased ability to take thing in stride are often-cited benefits of meditation. But at deeper levels, one finds greater self-knowledge and discovers the keys to repeating patterns of behavior and relationships. Meditators and especially people learning to use psychic or intuitive ability often see the obstacles that confront someone else, and then see their own more clearly. It is a path of inner growth and self-transformation."

Psychic readings may also be booked through the institute's website. Catalano conducts one-hour private readings, and two-hour aura readings are also available.

For those that remain skeptical, Catalano has a message for you.

"If you're dismissing it, thinking 'that's just imagination,' you're reinforcing the programming most of us have experienced to shut off and ignore this capability," Catalano and Shargel said. "Its effects are powerful and very real. Changes in brain waves, blood pressure, muscle tension have all been measured and documented. We say, 'heal the spirit and the spirit heals the body.'"

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