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Raise Your Game at Pilates Heights

By Jake Levin

If you're ready to make some serious, lasting changes to your body, Pilates Heights just might be the venue for you.

Founded in 2005 in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, owner Elizabeth Walker could see right away that the area would be a wonderful place to start a new studio and grow the Pilates community. Given her love of bringing people together and participating in their positive transformation, not to mention two-decade old love of Pilates, it's no surprise that Pilates Heights continues to flourish as the calendar turns to 2018.

"We don't try to sell you on anything else, no gimmicks no false promises," Walker said on why someone should choose her studio. "Pilates is enough and we love that it's so adaptable for every client. There is no end to the creative and diverse repertoire and Pilates is something you can do for your entire life at Pilates Heights."

Walker described Pilates as "pain-free," though added the disclaimer that every body is unique. But when bodies get out of balance due to stress, inactivity or overcompensation from past injuries or repetitive movement and posture, chronic pain can develop.

At the quiet, clean and serene studio at Pilates Heights, which is located in the upstairs of a remodeled Victorian, you can begin working your way back from these pains through the practice of Pilates.

"If it's not something obvious and acute like falling off a horse and breaking your leg, then chronic pain often starts off like a little whisper nagging at you," Walker said. "You know you need to do something about it, but many of us will put it off hoping it will go away."

Inevitably, that whisper grows into a scream. Over time, and with practice, those nagging aches and pains can disappear through the practice of Pilates.

"Many of our clients come to us after feeling frustrated with feeling stiff or achy on a regular basis," Walker said. "They want to go back to doing the things they love with relative ease again. We always ask that if clients have chronic pain or an injury that they first seek some guidance from a health professional as we do not diagnose injury or disease. Once that's established, we can work with our clients to reset movement patterns, working on waking up dormant muscles and creating healthier movement patterns, while releasing overly tight or locked up tissue."

Pilates Heights is a judgement-free zone, open for Pilates practitioners of all ages and abilities. The studio offers the opportunity for clients to work efficiently and safely with nary a distraction.

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