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Perform for Life Helps Shift Your Approach to Fitness, Making it More than Just a Gym, But a New, Healthy Lifestyle

By Elisha Neubauer

Perform for Life is more than just a's a lifestyle.

Founded by a husband and wife team, Perform for Life follows a simple concept -- to help others perform better in sport, recreation, and most importantly: Life. But, how does a physical activity facility do so?

At P4L, they focus on two principles, building trust and creating a community. These principles are pushed through to both clients and personal trainers, helping to build a team-like environment where each is as equally important as the other. When it comes to their clients, P4L wants to make them feel appreciated and valued. And they strive to ensure that their personal trainers are able to establish careers in which they feel supported and encouraged. Making the clients feel at home and the personal trainers feel like more than just an employee is the starting gate which P4L uses to succeed.

"Every one of our coaches has a unique relationship with movement that has ignited their passion for helping others with movement, exercise, and self care," states Justine Sharifi, Director of Operations. "We transfer our passion with those in our P4L community in many ways." One of these ways includes continuing their personal and professional growth through frequent continued education, which the team attends, at minimum, once a quarter.

This allows each and every trainer to equip themselves with the latest in personal fitness tools and training techniques. This is then carried over to their P4L community so that they can continue their own personal and physical growth. "We also help shift their approach to viewing health from a lifestyle approach, becoming more present in the process and celebrating small victories along the way," states Sharifi.

The atmosphere at P4L is a uniquely social one. Everyone is known on a first name basis and varied personalities are encouraged. The staff values connecting with each and every one of their clients, getting to know the ins and outs of their daily lives to help encourage accurate lifestyle choices for their physical growth and training.

Another factor adding to the energetic and personalized atmosphere at P4L is that they focus on making physical fitness fun. For example, the team will try to work in games or sports, like boxing or throwing around a football, to help change things up a bit, incorporating more 'play' into the lives of their clients. "We like to say we take what we do seriously, but not ourselves," explains Sharifi.

But, while having fun is high on the list of priorities for the Perform for Life staff, education is perhaps the top of the list. Sure, having fun is important, but having a trainer that you can trust and believe in comes first, and to have that, you need a trainer who is knowledgeable and highly skilled in what they do. For this reason, all trainers on the P4L staff are required to be CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) certified and must have a degree in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, or a related field.

"It's all about making fitness and health a lifestyle and an enjoyable experience you can share with like minded people that share common values," Sharifi says. Sharifi, and the P4L staff, feels very strongly that people need community and social connection, especially when it comes to those living busy city lives, such as those in the San Francisco area.

"Feeling revitalized means to feel re-energized or refreshed, and we believe this can be better achieved through an environment that supports social connection and exercising, contributing to a more balanced lifestyle," she details.

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