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Northern CA's Go-To Destination for Paintball Enthusiasts

By Kelly Church

Described as a "passion project," Santa Clara Paintball started as a Silicon Valley paintball center for not only experienced fans of the game, but also families and businesses looking for an activity. The founders, Michael DeCorra and Serene Hope, are also owners of a successful marketing firm called Paintball Tickets that they opened in 1989.

This business focused on creating safe and family-friendly paintball fields across the country while increasing awareness for the activity to gain new players. When they decided to set out to open their own paintball facility in San Jose, CA, they wanted it to be the most modern facility out there, with new technology and an expanded offerings for all types of players. 

"Paintball is unique in that it combines many different elements into a single game that is appropriate for all age and skill levels," Danielle Gaskill from Santa Clara Paintball says. "Not only does paintball involve a level of athleticism, it also requires intellect and strategic planning; all of which are equally important. Through objective-based games and team-based activities, we find that paintball is an excellent way for companies and organizations to foster teamwork because it encourages each member of the team to contribute their best qualities for the better of the unit."

Gaskill says the game includes elements of strategy and execution, and all players are involved in the process. She believes that paintball is a great way to demonstrate teamwork and successes that can come from a group working together. Before playing, groups select their game format: demolition, team deathmatch, capture the flag, protect the president, hot potato, conversion, medic, defend the castle, respawn, ultimate respawn, switch, single shot, assassins or king of the hill.

Each game has a different theme with different rules and require various strategies to come out on top. Pricing for paintball starts at $15 and can go up to $60, without adding any extra equipment rentals. 

To give back to the community, Santa Clara Paintball, alongside DeCorra and Hope, is partnering with Recreation Entertainment Global LLC to build an "innovative family recreation facility and cement itself as a destination location" in the Silicon Valley. Gaskill says the facility will incorporate all the elements that made Santa Clara Paintball the most played paintball facility in Northern California.

The facility will also have more technologically advanced and innovative features, like virtual reality, a splash park and ropes courses. The groups have proposed that the facility be on the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.

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