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NC Fit Helps Members Improve Their Overall Quality of Life with a Healthier Outlook and Physique

By Marina I. Jokic

Getting fit has never been easy, and the trainers at NC Fit in San Jose, California know that well. Sometimes we need an extra nudge to start on our fitness plan. Founded in 2008, NC Fit has embarked on a mission to offer tailored trainings to people of all fitness levels and thus improve their quality of life. The trainings are group-based and focus on building strength and conditioning.

General Manager at NC Fit Brett Davis has been helping people reach their fitness goals for years. He finds his work's long-term contributions to people's lives the most rewarding. The community-based approach Davis tries to use in motivating people to do their set of sit-ups or just push themselves a little harder has been incredibly effective, he says.

Running the studio based on principles of community, accountability, and integrity has helped shape the spirit of the daily workouts, making people feel supported by their teachers and peers. Their fitness programs are now globally known and deliver unparalleled results, Davis is proud to point out.

NC Fit focuses on group classes, which are led by some of the most experienced instructors in the industry. The coaching staff incorporates functional movements that strengthen and condition and help people to perform their everyday tasks more efficiently. Davis explains that they follow the methodology of CrossFit, which is constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity.

"All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, which tend to incorporate versions of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more," he adds. While the NC Fit workouts challenge the fittest of their members, the portfolio of programs overall is designed to be wide-ranging in its scalability, making each workout attainable for all members regardless of experience.

Although workouts vary within the different fitness programs, currently the core programs consist of CrossFit emphasizing performance and fitness, QuickFit which is more of a condensed workout integrating dumbbells, jumping lunges, planks and sit-ups, the Power Performance Training which integrates squats, weights, jumps, and other repetitions, and Olympic Lifting. The NC Fit website contains updated information on the day's workouts.

In addition to providing world-class fitness instruction, NC Fit is always exploring ways to give back to the community, which really distinguishes it from most other fitness clubs. For instance, they coordinate an annual blood drives in the gym, local charity runs, and encourage their staff and team members to participate actively in a variety of meaningful causes.

"This has become ingrained in our culture, and we take pride in giving back when possible, and finding ways to show our support in the community," Davis underlines. Proactively seeking out opportunities to partner with local charities and showcase the incredible motivation and spirit of their staff and students. In a way, the passion and positive vibes generated during a dynamic workout is translated into positive social action.

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