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Movement is Crucial at Swing Kettlebell School

By Jake Levin

Too many people sit through life and never learn to properly move, according to Luke Wilson. Movement must come first, he says, because it builds proper coordination and balance. Movement most certainly comes first at Luke Wilson Personal Training, where Wilson is helping those in the San Francisco Bay Area to get up and move around through practice with kettle bells.

There are three reasons Wilson prefers to train people with kettle bells. The first is that since the handle is off the center of mass, it makes it harder to control but also makes your body constantly stabilize. The second is the natural motions of the body it creates, rather than the isolated movements which make the body clunky using other devices. Lastly, training with kettle bells simultaneously builds cardiovascular and muscular strength, which in turn boosts your metabolism and energy systems.

Wilson started down the path of becoming a personal trainer in college, when he would work out his friends. Eventually, people would ask him to write them programs, something he did graciously and found very entertaining.

"My girlfriend noticed me putting all my time into my friends' workouts one day [and] told me I should charge for my services," Wilson said. "I told her 'that's crazy,' I just wanted to do it for fun. So she talked me into getting certified. I got a job at a gym and I started my training career never looking back. I've been training since I was 21 years old and I can't see myself ever doing anything else."

Wilson is modest as a trainer, and acknowledges that there are certain people for which he may not be their best fit to get in shape and get moving.

"I don't necessarily think someone should choose me as [their] personal trainer unless I am a good fit for that person and the goals they're looking for," he said. "A personal trainer should be chosen based on education, dedication, personality type, program design and goals."

San Francisco, a hub of the tech industry, poses many challenges as a city to conduct personal training business in. But Wilson said that it is great challenge, given the techies who sit at their desks all day long and hardly get moving.

There are many forms of training, and he appears to have one that's lasting with the kettle bell training.

"I've always been someone that loves a challenge, so this has kept me learning and evolving," he said. "San Francisco is also a very difficult city because of all the different types of fitness, fitness instructors, and new gimmicks coming out constantly, this is why I created swing kettle bell school."

Swing Kettlebell School is located on 2162 Polk St. in San Francisco, Calif.

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