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Maintaining Irrigation Systems: An Interview with David Shamanik of Shape of the Earth

By David Shamanik

Tell us about your company and its foundation.

My name is David Shamanik and I have been working in landscaping, with gardens, trees, plants and shrubs in the Bay Area for over 15 years. I own and operate a full service organic landscaping company called Shape of the Earth which specializes in complete landscape project implementation as well as residential and commercial design, construction, maintenance and consulting. I began my career as a pruner/tree specialist and it remains a favorite part of working with plants. Besides a base of regular maintenance gardens I complete approximately ten major projects annually. My work will often include irrigation, lighting, stone work / hardscape and water features along with design and plant selection. Basically, no job is too big or small and I enjoy whatever challenge comes up. Most of the work is done by me personally, though I also have some talented people on my team. I see myself as a jack of all landscape trades. My work is meticulous with strong attention paid to detail and artistry. I believe that the number one mistake made in landscape work is not having a plan and the number one goal is to create a natural yet deliberate, refined look. In my career I have also headed several projects in Hawaii as well as several rural projects here in California. Being a fan of tropical plants, I also do interior plant care and I keep many beautiful plants at home and for my clients.

Please briefly explain what an irrigation system is, and the concept behind it.

Let's start with the traditional Webster's definition of "irrigate": to supply (as land or crops) by artificial means. An irrigation system, then, does exactly that. It brings water to places where water isn't or is not in great enough abundance. The goal is to supply just the right amount of water without overdoing it and damaging the soil or vegetation. Everything from large-scale agriculture to the neighborhood front lawn can use some type of irrigation strategy.

How often should a homeowner check their irrigation system?

Irrigation should be tested for leaks, flushed and have the battery replaced once a year.

If an irrigation system is acting improperly, what do you suggest a homeowner doing?

If an irrigation system is not working properly a homeowner should call a professional to troubleshoot the system. Malfunctions can be simple or very complicated to repair.

What is the best way to contact you and your business?

The best way to contact me is through email or call.

  • 415-846-7581

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