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Lose Fat and Gain Lean Muscle with the Help of Tory Fitness

By Marina I. Jokic

For the last fifteen years, Tory Fitness in San Jose, California has helped Bay Area residents shed excess pounds and keep them off. Offering group fitness classes, nutritional advice, and individual trainings, Tory Woodward puts her professional expertise to good use and strives to help people achieve their goals.

Before opening her own fitness center, Woodward was a professional body builder. After years in the field, she decided to use her talent to help others who wanted to improve their physical condition. A few years later, Tory Fitness opened shop in San Jose, welcoming people with various levels of experience.

"Success with my fitness career is largely due to my passion and ability to help people from all walks of life," says Woodward. Indeed, the different programs at Tory Fitness are designed to accommodate as many different people as possible, and are tailored to their particular level and ability.

Woodward points out that she has worked with college athletes, new mothers, and office workers with sedentary lifestyles and has helped them set and achieve viable goals. Woodward adds: "I work with clients with goals ranging from fitness competitions to getting in shape for a wedding or vacation, or just wanting to stay healthy and active."

"The best part of my job is creating lifelong relationships with my clients," Woodward says. Building relationships with her clients is especially effective through the small group exercise classes, which provide her the opportunity to get to know each participant. People enjoy the personalized attention while being motivated by the fun social atmosphere.

During sessions, Woodward focuses on building lean muscle and shedding excess fat, which involves a good amount of weight lifting. Even light to moderate weight lifting can have tremendous results as it replaces fat with muscle, and therefore transforms the shape of the body. Cardio is also part of many of the Tory Fitness programs, as it is equally important to burn calories and lose weight while toning. Participants can choose from four monthly packages ranging from two to five weekly workouts.

For those interested in a highly intense workout, the Bootcamps, usually held over the weekend, are something that Woodward personally recommends. A mix of high powered workouts, circuit training, weight lifting, and cardio, each Bootcamp program is designed to provide some of the most targeted and vigorous exercise.

In addition to Woodward's decades' worth of fitness expertise, the trainers she employs are equally well prepared and experienced in their specialties. Some focus on developing and running the high intensity workouts, while others are well versed in kick-boxing techniques and other martial arts. Woodward says that that "each trainer brings his or her own unique touch to the programs." Not only is everyone highly qualified, but they love doing their job. That is why Tory Fitness has been successful for so many years, and has built a loyal clientele.

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