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How to Prepare Your Home For Selling

By Chris Piraino

A house is perhaps a person or family's biggest single asset, and when selling that asset the price that you get for the house can impact your finances enormously. Many people, especially in the current market, are eager to find easy ways to make their homes look better and sell for a better price. Here are a few of those quick and easy ways to make your house look worth more money to the buyer.

Stage the House

This is one of the most important aspects of selling a house, and everyone does this to some extent no matter what. What "staging" your home means is cleaning up all of the mess left behind by you and your family: getting rid of any personal items that are cluttering up the rooms, polishing the wood and glass, rearranging the furniture into a better configuration, etc. Staging also means you might add a few extras, like some fresh flowers or some artwork on the walls. There are also professional stagers you can hire if you are interested in taking your home staging to the next level. In essence, what you are trying to do with staging your house is to present a good image of the house to the prospective buyer. Imagine that you are going into an interview for a job: you wouldn't dress in your comfortable sweatpants, but instead you would wear some nice clothes to impress the prospective employer. This same idea applies to the house and potential buyers.

Landscape the Yard

Another common trick is to tidy up the yard when potential buyers are coming to look at your home. The yard is perhaps the first thing that a potential buyer sees, and if it looks run down or overgrown they will definitely not have a very good first impression. In addition to cleaning up the yard, try and add something extra to it as well. A few pots of colorful flowers would do the trick, or if you have the money to spare you could hire a company to landscape it for you.

Pre-Sale Home Inspections

This last suggestion is a little different than the other two, but it makes sense as well and is more relevant to the selling process. A pre-sale home inspection is basically an inspection by an outside party that goes over whether the house has any repairs that need to be made and if all of the systems such as heating and cooling work properly. A pre-sale inspection is a way to provide the buyer with an extra assurance that there will be no surprises in store for them after they sign the contract.

All of these suggestions can help your house sell for more money, and they are all fairly easy to do. For more ideas of how to improve the look of your home to a buyer, try and think about what you would look for in a house you were thinking about buying. Also, now that the internet is becoming an increasingly more important part of real estate purchases, make sure the online pictures of your home are appealing to potential buyers as well!

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