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Homeroom Mac and Cheese: Warm, Gooey, Gourmet Nostalgia

By Elisha Neubauer

When Allison Wade and Erin Arevalo first met, they had no idea that their lives were about to drastically change forever. A marketer and lawyer, respectively, the two new friends reminisced about their childhoods and family dinners. After discovering a shared love of mac and cheese, the two decided then and there to quit their jobs and devote their life savings to a restaurant dedicated to the childhood staple. Homeroom was born. This may sound like a risky venture to most, but Wade and Arevalo had faith in the concept, and the community met the idea with great support.

Why the focus on mac and cheese? Arevalo says, "Mac and cheese is so nostalgic because most people have fairly warm childhood memories of it-- either making it out of a box or from scratch with a family member. As a food it is creamy, decadent, salty, rich-- all the things that make you feel good when you are having a rough day (or even if you're not)." Mac and cheese is a comfort food: warm, gooey, and pairable with just about anything.

At Homeroom, there are up to ten distinctive mac and cheese recipes available at any one time, as well as an assortment of vegetables, salads, and homemade desserts. Craft beers and local wines round out the menu and add a little grown-up spice to the childhood favorite.

Homeroom's selections read like a fine-dining menu. You can select one of their variations, or create your own with options such as goat cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and bacon. Children's portions and vegan options are also available to ensure everyone can find something that is just right for them. If you find yourself wanting to give the dishes a shot in your own kitchen, you're in luck. Wade and Arevalo partnered with Ten Speed Press to create The Mac and Cheese Cookbook: 50 simple recipes from Homeroom.

What began as a conversation has now turned into a gourmet phenomenon with a little faith and hard work from Erin Wade and Allison Arevalo. Mac and cheese was more than just a meal to them- it was nostalgic, and they wanted to share that feeling with the community. Homeroom is a warm and inviting environment that people, both children and adults alike, will love to come back to, time and time again.

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