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Home Moving Packing Tips: An Interview with Sean McGuire of McGuire Movers

By Sean McGuire

Please describe a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Gerry and Sean, friends since childhood in Ireland, had been working in the moving industry for many years, first in Ireland, then in the U.S. Several years ago they decided to start McGuire Movers together.

Since then, McGuire Movers has earned an excellent reputation for our efficient, friendly and reliable residential and office moving services at the most economical rates.

McGuire Movers has been voted among the best moving companies in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

When do you suggest to start packing for a move?

Pack in phases rather than trying to pack up the whole house all at once, start well before the move. Pack one room at a time starting with the least used rooms and ending with the most frequently used rooms.

Start getting organized 6-8 weeks before the moving date. Start sorting possessions and separating out the items that you will not be taking to the new place. You can give them away, donate them to charity or organize a garage sale. You can begin packing items that have not been used in a while and will not be needed prior to the move.

4-5 weeks before the moving date packing specifics start getting narrowed down. You should pretty much have determined which items will be taken or left behind. All the items that the movers will take should be clearly labeled and organized.

2-3 weeks before the moving date you should continue to complete packing in remaining rooms. Final notifications should be done at this time, such as contacting utility companies and cable companies to arrange for disconnection of utilities and services and reconnection at the new location.

The day of the move everything should be packed and ready for the movers. Do a final check of your packed belongings and the house to make sure you haven't forgotten or missed anything.

Must everything be packed before the movers show up?

If you haven't arranged for McGuire Movers to pack you, you should be packed & ready to go on moving day. Everything that isn't furniture should be packed and ready for the movers to load into the truck.

You can leave items such as clothes or linens in drawers. The movers will wrap the dressers in furniture wrap, so the drawers won't open, and they will transport the dressers with the clothes in them. Items hanging in closets can be left until the day of your move. On moving day the movers will bring wardrobe boxes, free of charge, for hanging items in the closets.

Is there an order in which people should pack?

As mentioned above, pack in phases rather than trying to pack up the whole house all at once, start well before the move. Pack one room at a time starting with the least used rooms and ending with the most frequently used rooms.

How should bigger furniture be prepared for moving?

The movers will move bigger furniture. Bedding such as pillows, sheets, blankets and covers can be put into the bottom of the wardrobe boxes that the movers bring.

How should fragile items be packed to ensure their safety?

Clearly mark boxes that have fragile items in them so that the movers can load them with special handling.

The movers will wrap fragile furniture, pictures, electronics and any other fragile items with protective blankets, cartons and / or necessary covering.

What boxes/packing material do you recommend using?

  • Dish Pack boxes should be used for dishes, glassware, china, etc.
  • Book boxes (1.5 cubic feet) are used for books,
  • Medium boxes (3.0 cubic feet) are should be used to pack things such as clothing, pots and pans and electronics.
  • Large boxes (4.5 cubic feet) can be used for larger kitchenware, lamps, etc.
  • Extra large boxes (6.0 cubic feet) are best used for light things such as bedding, drapes, towels,etc.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

People can contact us through our website; by email or by phone. We prefer for people to contact us by phone so that we can discuss any details that may be missed through online correspondence.

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