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Holistic Health and Wellness Guru Amy Charnay Guides Clients Through Health Challenges

By Kelly Church

Amy Charnay is an herbalist, yoga therapist and nutrition specialist. She is also the owner of her own Santa Rosa, CA business, focusing on providing holistic relief to her clients. Not only does Charnay have many formal certifications in areas of holistic health and wellness, but she also has her own personal experiences to build from. After struggling with her own health post-college, Charnay's love for holistic medicine was developed, and became a lifelong path.

During her healing process from multiple surgeries, Charnay said she found some relief from modern medicine, but desperately searched for help in other ways, too. She looked to yoga, mindfulness and alternative medicine, which she called her "lifeline." Charnay continued to study these practices, eventually earning her Masters of Science in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition.

"Both herbal medicine and conventional medicine have their place," Charnay said. "If I have a strep infection, then I want antibiotics. However, pharmaceuticals are overused in our society and, in general, they tend to force or block physiological pathways and cover up symptoms. In short, pharmaceuticals compensate for processes lacking in the body. Herbal medicine and high quality food, on the other hand, enhance the body's natural processes."

Charnay believes that holistic medicine can help support the body with its natural functions, improving what it already knows how to do. With every client, she starts with a free initial 15-minute consultation. She reviews her client's health history, concerns, goals and lifestyle factors. Based on this consultation, Charnay makes recommendations. Progress is reviewed at follow-up appointments.

"Studies show that a positive relationship between the practitioner and client [or] patient is extremely influential on health outcomes, so, it's very important to make sure we're a solid match," Charnay said.

Through her practice, Charnay also offers aerial yoga, currently by appointment only. Aerial yoga uses silky fabric in a hammock shape, hung from the ceiling. This method of yoga allows the body to fully hang, using gravity and bodyweight to let the muscles relax and stretch in new ways. It also allows yogis who want to practice their inversions to do so without straining the body.

No matter what, Charnay said she encourages students to listen to their bodies first and foremost. Her focus is safety, supporting her clients in their quest to challenge their bodies while remembering their personal limits.

"I consider myself a skillful and compassionate guide because I have collected a substantial tool kit from my rigorous training and my own personal experiences overcoming severe health challenges," Charnay said. "I use various tools from research to intuition and my experience to offer practical, customized protocols to help clients on their unique path to a more vital life."

To learn more about Charnay and what she can do to improve health and wellness holistically, visit

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