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Greenfish Catering Adapts to Clients Needs

By Jake Levin

Roughly 10 years ago, Greenfish Catering opened its doors in the Bay Area to offer quality Asian cuisine, something decidedly missing from the area.

Thomas Ash, who works in catering sales and operations, said that the focus of Greenfish Catering is on Korean and Japanese dishes. But, he added, Greenfish Catering can cater to almost any clients needs from its headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif.

"We have great confidence in the quality of our product and knew that our clients would see and taste that quality if they chose us to cater their events, celebrations, gatherings, etc.," head chef Eric Kim said.

Greenfish Catering prides itself on an "eco-conscious" approach, which entails doing what's right for the local environment and local food shed all while keeping its clients satisfied. For example, the head chef at Greenfish Catering works with local fishmongers to ensure only the freshest seafood is provided, while any number of other items are sure to come from markets throughout the Bay Area that strive to fit the mold of eco-conscious.

"We believe that the best food comes from the best ingredients and we have those right here in California," Ash said.

Teriyaki is the signature menu item at Greenfish Catering, where the dish's sweetness is derived not from sugar, but form naturally occurring fruits, veggies and other cooking methods. The teriyaki glaze goes great on chicken, beef and salmon dishes alike, which is why people from all backgrounds tend to enjoy it and Kim referred to it as the best in town.

Sushi is another delicacy at Greenfish Catering, with a simple recipe that makes all the difference. Nigiri, sashimi or Red Dragon rolls are among the sushi items Ash mentioned, all of which are made with high quality ingredients and finished with high quality products.

Consistency is the motto of Greenfish Catering, Kim said. When you select the company to cater your event, you know exactly what you're going to get.

"It is paramount to us that we stay consistent every order, every time, throughout time," Ash said. "People should choose us because we will deliver quality products and services every time. Also, we feel that the flavors of our cuisine appeal to a wide range of people. We have many exciting dishes that combine different flavors from different regions and cultures. This fusion style of cooking creates wonderful culinary delights that all can enjoy."

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