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Give in to the Natural Elements of Birthing With Jai'Ma Birth

By Elisha Neubauer

While advocating birthing rights may not have been her intended career path, Justina Nazario-Johnson, owner of Jai'Ma Birth in Antioch, California, realized it was her calling after the birth of her first child. Having an exhilarating birthing experience herself, Nazario-Johnson just knew that she wanted to help others to recreate such an amazing event.

"After the birth of my first son I knew I wanted women to experience birth the way I experienced it," Nazario-Johnson said.

Nazario-Johnson attributed several factors to her incredible birthing process. She claimed to have had the most wonderful, informative women around her throughout her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. As Nazario-Johnson tells it, is a huge part of her overall experience.

"I surrounded myself with people who advocated for women's birthing rights and the normalcy of the birthing process," she said.

Now, she believes that bridging the gap in health care and women's rights throughout the pregnancy and birthing journey is her mission in life.

"I'm forever grateful that my clients allow me to be a part of one of the most intimate times of their lives," Nazario-Johnson stated.

Through her company, Jai'Ma Birth, Nazario-Johnson offers a variety of services and plans that help to ease a woman and her family through the journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. Sattva Yoga Journeys are available for both parents and can be held in either the couple's home or another sacred space, such as a beach or park. This service includes a snack, photos, and can last between one and a half to two hours.

Birth Doula packages allow the mother-to-be, and family, to have an ongoing support person whose primary focus is to ensure the mama-to-be feels safe, secure, and at ease throughout the entire process. Lactation support, either in person or via skype, is also available for new mothers who need a little support to reach their breastfeeding goals.

"I think most of my clients are drawn to me because my birthing philosophies are more of the natural approach," Nazario-Johnson said. "I truly trust women and their bodies!"

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