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Finding Mindful Movement to Facilitate Growth At Mindful Movement Collective

By Elisha Neubauer

Ineke Rush Madsen, Owner/Director of Mindful Movement Collective, has an impressive background in Pilates. She had long been teaching in studios across the Bay Area before she decided to pursue her own path. Madsen desired to provide quality Pilates and movement training and education to her own community in her own way, and so she launched her own studio in 2006.

Madsen opened Mindful Movement Collective with a tailored mission statement declaring her studio to be a warm, tolerant, and inviting space where individuals may pursue the betterment of their health and well being through movement. In her decade of service to the community, she has managed to maintain her original description of the studio.

"We have been so fortunate to have grown exponentially on the kind, compassionate, and dedicated clients we have attracted over the years," Madsen said. "Everyone is here on their own journey and the space is a safe and effective place to do that."

These client journeys include everything from self-exploration and pursuit of fitness to the desire to minimize pain, rehabbing of an injury, or facilitating active aging. Mindful Movement Collective believes in meeting people where there are in their life and body and using their collective knowledge, experience, and humanity to help facilitate growth on their terms.

"At Mindful Movement Collective, we have over 50 years of shared experience teaching Pilates," Madsen said.

The facility takes their method and their clients very seriously, with each instructor going through extensive teacher training programs of at least 170 hours. Continued education and growth is also important, Madsen believes, so instructors are required to do weekly practice of their own as well as continuing education courses and workshops.

Their newly added Gyrontic Expansion System is a form of mind-body exercise. The program involves being consciously connected to what is happening with the body but also the why behind it.

"This type of conditioning goes beyond physical," Madsen said. "It explores and establishes neural and mental programming in our bodies as well."

With both Gyrontic Expansion and Pilates, benefits include improved posture, greater core strength, long lean muscles, and improved joint stabilization. While these are well-known paybacks, Madsen also explained several not-so-known advantages such as improved sleep, mood, and energy levels.

"All of these benefits improve our health on every level," she said.

For those new to the studio, or even for the veterans of Mindful Movement Collective, instructors are focused on guiding clients on their own path. Nobody is pushed or pulled in a direction they don't yet feel comfortable with. It is a tailored process, one which is specific to each and every client.

"We are committed to facilitating and training to each client's goals," Madsen said. "If you are someone who wants an honest, caring, and supportive Pilates experience and practice, this is the studio for you!"

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