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Expert Advice on Chain-Link Fences: An Interview with Gary Siewert of S&S Fence Co. Inc.

By Gary Siewert

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

I started S&S Fence Company in the mid-80s with my brother Stephen, out of the back of a pickup truck. Since that time we've had the good fortune to grow into one of the larger fence contracting companies in Northern California. Although we specialize in chain link fence and chain link fencing products, we offer just about every type of fencing product imaginable, including ornamental iron fence, vinyl fencing wood fencing, horse and ranch fencing, and automatic gate systems.

Can you briefly talk about the differences between chain link fencing and the other popular options out there?

Chain link fencing is a traditional and time-honored solution to many of our customers' fencing needs. When properly installed by a good fencing contractor, a high-quality chain link fence will last for many years. Popular alternatives to traditional chain link are vinyl coated and what is known as "privacy fence." Vinyl coated chain link is very decorative and comes in a variety of colors. Privacy fence uses decorative slats to obscure the view and can also come in variety of colors.

What are the main choices that people will need to make when it comes to their fence?

The main decision point is security versus aesthetic value. Ideally you can accomplish both goals, but a fence that is designed purely for security will not necessarily look as nice as a fence that is there, in part, to add to the architectural beauty of the property. We specialize in helping consumers make the right choice for their particular needs.

What are some other uses for chain link fencing that you've seen in Sacramento, California-area homes?

Dog kennels and dog runs are very popular. In Sacramento you will also see tennis courts, basketball courts, batting cages, pool fences and chain link storage areas with a locking gate.

How is the cost for a chain link fence typically determined?

Some of the main factors that go into the cost of a fence are the type of fence needed, the quality of the fence, materials and labor. Additional factors related to cost are the size of the job, the complexity of the design, the number of gates needed, the terrain and ground conditions, and seasonality.

Is there anything that a homeowner should know about the installation or that they need to do beforehand?

Consumers need to know that the quality of workmanship can vary widely among fencing contractors. Given the current state of the economy, some are tempted to cut corners and this can severely reduce the life and usefulness of the fence. Therefore, I recommend that people in the market for fence go with a reputable fence contractor with a reputation for high-quality work.

Do people in Northern California need to do any type of maintenance to help prolong the life of their chain link fence?

A high-quality fence installed with professional-grade materials should need very little in the way of maintenance. Poorly installed fences, or fences using lower grade materials, can bend, sag, break, rust and look old and worn out very quickly. To avoid headaches, invest in a high-quality fence professionally installed with superior workmanship.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

We are located at 7448 Reese Rd. in Sacramento, between Florin and Gerber, just east of Power Inn Rd. People can stop by, call us at 816-682-1100, or email me personally at

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