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Entryways That Sell

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

The front pathway is an important element in providing a graceful walkway to the front door. It's essential that it be maintained to prevent visitors from stumbling to your door, as well as for appeal. If you don't already have a front pathway, create one. Bricks, flagstone, river cobbles, gravel and cement, among other materials, can all be used and may come in a variety of colors and shapes. I've even seen some novel walkways that incorporated items such as seashells, fossils, colorful glass, minerals or patterned ceramic pieces. The walkway can be straight or curved, depending on the amount of yard space.

Even if you don't have much front yard space, try adding a few steps or decorating existing ones. Adding decorative tiles or a painted design to the stair front can dramatically change its appearance with little effort or expense.

As a driveway is a pathway for your care to the garage or simply an off-street parking space, its looks should also be taken into account. For starters, clean off any oil or other vehicle leakage from the driveway. Repave or otherwise repair an existing driveway. Asphalt and concrete are standard paving materials, but you may want to give the driveway another look with materials similar to the walkway. Have a dirt driveway or a tight budget? Add a border of decorative items, boulders or vegetation to the driveway's edge to soften its appearance so it blends into the yard.

Doors to both the garage and home should be clean and repaired. The doors should fit in with the look of the rest of the exterior. If buying new doors isn't in the budget, just changing the hardware can make a dramatic difference. Likewise, all exterior windows should sparkle, especially those near the entryway and in the front door.

Lighting is also important, as many homebuyers may drive by in the evening after work to get a feel for the home and neighborhood. Replace burned-out bulbs in outdoor fixtures, as well as any broken globes surrounding the bulbs. Use lighting to accentuate your house or landscaped areas at night while providing security.

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