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Elite Entertainment Plays Music For The Moment

By S. Mathur

Elite Entertainment is built on teamwork and communication. In fact, it was founded in 1994 by Vic Pelayo, who worked with a catering company and saw some very lackluster DJs performances.

"He was constantly disappointed with their communication and skill at managing large groups, especially at weddings," Turner Hayes, General Manager, said. "He had always enjoyed music, so he negotiated a deal with the catering company to be their exclusive DJ, and in turn, he would work with them hand-in-hand to ensure their events were a complete success."

Elite Entertainment, based out of San Jose, CA, has won several awards, including from Wedding Wire and Talk of the Town and is certified by The Guide. Hayes sees this as recognition of the level of customer service and satisfaction.

"We care for each of these events as if they were our own," he said. "Since we perform mostly at weddings, we really have to be a team player with all the vendors and keep all the guests engaged, as well as play music the group can enjoy, and respond to their requests. It sounds fairly basic, but you'd be surprised how many other DJs just try to get by with doing the bare minimum."

For Hayes, what makes an amazing reception is the combination of diversity and teamwork.

"Weddings are not only singularly wonderful events, but they are also incredibly diverse culturally and esthetically," Hayes said. "These are celebrations, so usually people are in a good mood already and want to have fun, so being a team player to help the vendors do their jobs appropriately allows for everyone to enjoy themselves as much as possible. The most rewarding part of what we do is when the event really comes together, and all the vendors are able to not only do what they do best, but all the guests really come together as one big family, where it's not your differences but how you're enjoying the moment that all the guests are focused on."

Many clients appreciate the DJs' bilingual skills and the ability to communicate in Spanish as well as English. Hayes feels that music belongs to a specific moment, which is why DJs play a number of different genres according to the event and the feeling of the crowd. In fact, even within the group of 12 DJs at Elite, there's no particular genre they focus on. They just play whatever works for that group at that moment.

"Asking this many DJs what music they enjoy most, and you'll get weird responses like: When? Who am I with? What occasion is it for?" he said. "Music for us isn't just a great song (which is a hotly debated topic) but how it resonates with the listener and makes them feel. Like a fine wine or well-aged whiskey, music is something that depends on the taste of the listener, their history, and what situation it is paired with."

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