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Discover What the Future Has in Store with Golden Dragon Fortunes

By Marina I. Jokic

It's no secret that fortune telling is not everyone's cup of tea. Regardless of such preconceptions or biases, there are plenty of people who entrust their personal problems to psychics in the hopes of finding resolution or at least guidance. At Golden Dragon Fortunes in San Francisco, owner and fortune teller Wanugee Kanagaki can use Qi energy readings to assess a person's future. What is more, Golden Dragon offers modern technology such as Skype and Facetime to deliver your fortune, meet you at a local cafes, or come to your home. He also does a lot of parties, corporate and private.

"I was like many [others] trying to figure out life, and in my search, I met people who introduced me into the metaphysical arts," Wanugee said. "So I did readings as a hobby for 20 years, to exercise that part of me as I [practiced] business as a business manager."

Wanugee was born and raised in Asia for most of his youth, traveling to over 30 countries and 500 cities and towns spanning five continents. He has a deep understanding and appreciation of the nuances of both Eastern and Western culture, always being receptive to a variety of philosophical and metaphysical teachings.

Whether drinking from the wisdom stream at Kiyomizu-Dera temple or learning to meditate from the Hindu gurus of Maharashtra, Wanugee likes to keep up with the latest developments and trends in his trade. He is not a tacky palm reader preying on people's weaknesses. To the contrary, he wants to empower his clients with useful insights and practical advice.

Graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, Wanugee studied business and has managed international subsidiaries, worked at start-ups, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and IT services. He has technology, sales, marketing, operations and management experience working for domestic and international businesses, skills which have served him well in his current role.

The Golden Dragon Fortunes spread used during the readings, consisting of a centerpiece symbol and Mah Jhong tiles, is designed to inform the client of the way his or her Qi will be flowing in the future. The general timeline is supplemented by three specific questions that the client asks to find further insights. The spread symbolizes the type of Qi coming into your near future. The process is empowering as it gives the opportunity to play a role in your own future by being aware of it. At the end of the reading, Wanugee takes a photo and makes a ten-minute audio summary of the entire session, emailing both to the client.

"Our goal is to help people," Wanugee said. "We take a very personal approach to our readings, almost like a close friend giving advice [?] a real sharing with another person and trying to help them move into the future with clarity and openness to the positive possibilities."

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