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Come for the Crumble and Get Whisked Away

By Jake Levin

The story of Crumble & Whisk begins down memory lane, in owner Charles Farrier's youth.

He watched his father cook all the time and as a result, soaked in one of his best attributes: food preparation with a passionate sense of focus. Farrier enrolled in culinary school via the Job Corp, where he took classes on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay.

It's there, Farrier said, where he was pushed to the next level on two fronts. Not only did he learn the science behind the culinary arts; he learned the entrepreneurial aspect, too.

Out of school, he worked at various restaurants in both San Francisco and across the bay, but also did some catering on the side. His big break came on a night off, as it turns out, when Farrier attended a party and brought one of his soon-to-be famous strawberry cheesecakes.

The cake was a huge hit, with partygoers making numerous requests over the course of the night for Farrier to make them their own. He collected several emails and phone numbers from his future customers, got home, and went to work. Crumble & Whisk was born.

"Crumble & Whisk is dedicated to the concept of healthy eating with a focus on superlative taste gleaned from naturally grown and fresh ingredients," Farrier said. "That is the inspiration behind our flavors and recipes."

Since he founded the company four years ago, Crumble & Whisk has already partnered up with many noteworthy clients. Farrier said he has catered parties for the Golden State Warriors, Tesla Motors, the San Francisco Street Food Festival and more.

"Our brand focuses on the quality and visual presence of our cheesecakes, but Crumble & Whisk has a keen eye for the ambiance and grace of a dining room, the table set-up and food display," Farrier said. "Our customer service skills are a high priority in making your dining experience a pleasure."

Asked if he has a favorite recipe, Farrier gave a unique answer: a cake which entails beets and berries, aptly named the "Beet & Berry."

"[It's] a knockout cheesecake," Farrier said, adding that it has been a foodie favorite for years now. "It is filled with fresh beets, natural antioxidant blueberries, and a fruity pinot noir. The beet flavor is an acquired taste for the average person, but the earthiness of the beets blends to perfection with our buttery shortbread crust, crisp sweet blueberries, and lightly sweetened cheesecake batter."

For more information on these artisan cheesecakes, visit the company's website,

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