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Buhisan's USA Martial Arts Promotes Confidence Through an Array of Challenging Classes

By Kelly Church

Offering martial arts instruction for adults and children of all ages, Buhisan's USA Martial Arts opened in 1992 to help people in the San Jose, CA community grow in all aspects of life. The facility is named after Jim Buhisan, who opened the studio after growing up in a large family and receiving martial arts instruction that had a positive impact on his life.

He desired to give back to the next generation of kids and Buhisan's USA Martial Arts studio was born. Master Instructor and 4x sport karate champion Ramir Mosqueda says he and Buhisan share the passion for martial arts culture.

"The ultimate goal of martial arts is self-defense and what many do not realize is self-defense does not begin with the physical, but with understanding of you, finding ways to seek constant never-ending improvement of self," Mosqueda says. "As students train and stay in the martial arts long enough, they realize the art of self-defense begins with taking care of you."

Classes teach Tae Kwon Do, Kenpo Kung Fu, Aiki-Jujutsu, Okinawa Weaponry and Arnis. Buhisan's USA Martial Arts holds classes every day of the week, except for Sundays. Class levels range from beginner (white, orange and gold belts), intermediate (green, purple, blue and blue one belts), advanced one (brown, brown one, red and red one belts), advanced two (red and black belts) and black belt only classes for first degree and above.

There are also specialty classes that are designed specifically for students who are dedicated to aspects of martial arts. The Black Belt Club specialty class is for students who have their hearts set on the black belt. The Masters Club is for students who are committed to the martial arts lifestyle.

"For many who are not familiar with the martial arts, they only know what they see in the movies and on television," Mosqueda says. "Oftentimes the representation of the art is inaccurate and can be seen as a violent activity. It is easy to see how many may interpret what we do as violent because kicks and punches are taught on the training mat, but once you are actually inside our karate school, a person can quickly see that the punches and kicks are tools we use to teach and learn a bigger lesson of life discovery."

There are five instructors at Buhisan's USA Martial Arts, all with years of experience in martial arts, including Buhisan and Mosqueda. They focus on engaging their students and inviting anyone willing to learn about martial arts to come and enjoy the lifestyle. Mosqueda says their youngest student is three years old and their oldest is close to 80.

"The family environment is something we are proud of and enjoy as the culture of our karate school," Mosqueda says. "Whoever is open to learning we will be more than happy to teach all the benefits that martial arts has to offer. We are open to new students who walk through our doors, various school programs and community events."

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