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Bounced Checks Lead to A Booming Auto Repair Shop

By Elisha Neubauer

Bounced checks aren't necessarily something you attribute to car care, but for one family in Concord, California, that's exactly what happened.

In 2007, Vuong Le was laid off from his Accountant Specialist job due to the economic downfalls. He went to work for his brother, Vinh, who was the manager of a local auto repair shop. The two were content with their career paths for a while, but in 2011, things began to take a turn for the worst. The economy had still not picked up in their area and the company they were working for began bouncing payroll checks.

The brothers decided quickly that if they were going to be risking working for no pay, it might as well be on their terms. In April of 2012, the two partnered up and opened Above Car Care.

Wanting to set themselves apart from their competitors, the brothers decided to put a focus on customer service and ethics. They knew they wanted to be chosen for their ethics and integrity, as the industry has a habit of being less than perfect in those aspects. "With the reputation of Auto Repair Shops not doing too well with consumers at present we always strive to make sure that they are happy after each and every service that they've allowed us to do," Le states.

The company services just about any vehicle, with the only exceptions being diesels, RVs, and commercial trucks. They are capable of tackling any repair project, but see most of their work in the fields of Smog Check and General Maintenance. Wanting to put their customers first, they're very big on not wasting customers' time?if they can't work on it, they'll let you know right away. "I put my customer's needs before my own," exclaims Le.

To make things even easier for their customers, Above Car Care offers coupons directly on their website. No printer? No worries! They use them in-store for all customers, regardless of whether you have it in hand or not. Additionally, to make things smoother, clients can even schedule an appointment directly on the website. They do request 24-hour notice for online requests, however, so that they can confirm the appointment directly with you beforehand.

"I have one goal and that is to make sure that customers leave fully satisfied with the service(s) that was provided and if I get a smile it's an added bonus to keep me going," declares Le.

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