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Bay Area's #1 Hot Pilates Studio Lets Members Detox with High Intensity Interval Training

By Elisha Neubauer

Life is short, don't regret anything. That motto is the driving force behind Soul Pilates, a unique take on the physical fitness craze in San Jose, California.

Dawna Taylor, owner of Soul Pilates, felt a calling...a calling to launch her own blend of Pilates, one with a French-Polynesian flare. Knowing she didn't want to live with regrets, she chose not to ignore this urge and instead opened Soul Pilates.

"Life is too short and I didn't want to look back 10 years later resenting myself that I didn't take the opportunity when I had it," Taylor states.

Soul Pilates operates a little differently than most usual Pilates classes, in the fact that it is considered 'Hot Pilates.' Hot Pilates classes are mat based classes in which the facility is heated to a temperature between 96-100 degrees Fahrenheit. While it may seem a little crazy at first thought, there are many reasons for this up and coming Pilates craze.

Weight loss, reduction of lower back pain, improved posture, loss of water weight, overall body toning, core strength and flexibility improvement, mental and emotional confidence, and relief for herniated disks and sciatica pain are just a handful of the benefits that come from participating in Hot Pilates.

When it comes to standing apart from the crowd in the Pilates industry, Soul Pilates has taken a few extra steps. If you opt to attend a class at their facility, you need only to bring yourself. They provide the rest: water, mats, towels, everything you could possibly need. Indoor air quality is completely monitored and accounted for, with humidity levels, fresh air, air purity, and temperature all being strictly controlled. Their facility is EPA approved and contains such equipment as a VACAP Humidifier, Lumalier Ultraviolet air purifier, Reznor CAUA heater, Greenheck ventilator, and a Spartan Devices TE high temp stat.

In addition to excellent air quality assurances, they strive to provide only the cleanest, purest of water to their guests through the use of a Flowater Refill Station. These stations are tasked with providing water seven times better than the bottled water you would procure at any grocery store. They eliminate all types of bacteria and viruses and replace electrolytes that your body may have lost during a workout session.

Soul Pilates takes their work very seriously. They aim to deliver a high intensity interval training in an equipped, safe and peaceful studio environment. They strive for excellence so the culture is engaging, full of positive energy, and life while classes are energetic and educational regardless of size. "We welcome your dedicated practice and embrace the spiritual peace that comes behind it," Taylor affirms.

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