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Alvin Lui: Making Magic Throughout the Bay Area

By Pamela Sosnowski

Alvin Lui's love of magic all began when his father brought home a VHS tape of a David Copperfield television special when Lui was 14. Today, he amazes clients throughout the San Francisco Bay area with his illusionist shows as the head of his San Ramon-based business, Lui Entertainment, combining sleight-of-hand illusions, storytelling, and audience participation in every performance.

"Magic has always been my first love but I really didn't take it seriously until I was in my 20's," Lui said. "I think my first 'paid event' was when I was 26 or 27. As with any business there are a myriad of factors that go into it in order to be successful and sustainable, but I am eternally grateful that we have such incredible customers that allow us to do what we love."

Lui's audiences have encompassed everyone from surprise birthday party guests to CEOs and Presidents from several nationally recognized corporations. He performs regularly at theaters, restaurants, private parties and other venues, often delighting his audiences with sophisticated illusions created by himself after his fateful day watching Copperfield.

One of his regular acts was inspired by the passing of a close friend; a trick that Lui calls "K35" that begins in an unassuming manner but soon surprises the audience with unexpected turns.

"It reminds me of my friend's personality," Lui said. "I think that would be one illusion I'm most proud of."

Lui's goal with every show is simple: to give each customer his personal best, every time. He likes to speak to a client on the phone before the event to get a taste for the atmosphere and the attendees. He can easily tailor a performance to the vibe of any event and work a room entertaining large crowds or a small intimate group of people.

"We treat every customer as if they are our first and we treat every performance as if it was our last," he explained. "We believe that experience for the customer does not begin when I start my performance; it starts the moment they contact us all the way through to the final 'thank you' message."

The reviews since Lui launched his own business have been nothing short of stellar. Guests are often heard exclaiming, 'How did he do that?" during one of his shows and clients often refer him for future engagements. He's been described as funny, engaging, friendly, and easy to work with; all characteristics that make for a successful entertainer.

Lui has also performed free shows for law enforcement professionals in the San Francisco area as part of his "Blue Lives Matter" program that he launched in 2015. It's his way of giving back to the local community and thanking police officers for the sacrifices they make.

Perhaps the most magical thing about Lui's performances is the fact that they bring people from diverse backgrounds together.

"Magic has taught me that people are more similar than they are different; it's just often times we are encouraged to focus on our differences instead," he said. "The art of magic has allowed me to interact with people from many different cultures and the one common theme that you can take to the bank is that everyone can relate to love and curiosity."

To learn more about Lui and book him for an event, visit

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