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Adventure Cat Sailing Let You Explore The Bay

By Jake Levin

Who would have thought that a sailing trip underneath the Golden Gate Bridge could perhaps be enjoyable? Luckily for the people of San Francisco, the folks at Adventure Cat Sailing did

It turns out the founders of Adventure Cat Sailing were prophetic in capitalizing on the no-brainer of an idea. The company is now in its 26th season shuttling patrons around the Bay Area to take in views of Alcatraz, the skyline of San Francisco, the Coit Tower, Transamerica Pyramid and much, much more.

Charlie Bogue, Charter and Marketing Director at Adventure Cat, recalls the formative days of the company in the late 1980s. The owners were trying to develop the perfect catamaran for sailing tours of the bay, and after 10,000 man hours of labor, Adventure Cat 1 set sail.

"The owners are sailors in their spare time, and they love catamarans for their speed, smooth sailing, and ability for all types of people to come on board and enjoy a sail," Bogue said.

The day-to-day operations at Adventure Cat are a mix of adventure and sightseeing, Bogue said, with photo opportunities galore.

"As our daily Sunset Cruise winds down we are heading back to Pier 39, and behind you is the Golden Gate Bridge with the sun setting right behind it. Sunsets can be romantic in their own right, but catch it right and this will be a memory to share for years to come," Bogue said in describing a sample tour.

Catamarans of all shapes and sizes comprise Adventure Cat's fleet today, with one capable of holding 47 guests and another with a max capacity of 90. Bogue said what makes the boats unique is their stability and smoothness so that passengers needn't hold on for dear life through rough seas.

He also pointed out that catamarans are faster than traditional mono-hull vessels, making for timelier travels across the bay.

"We can go from Fisherman's Wharf and get out around the bay and back in only 90 minutes," Bogue said. "In addition, it is super safe with netting and handrails all around, making it very family friendly. Kids love watching water go under the nets between the hulls! There really are not any other sailing vessels that do what we do on a multiple daily trip schedule."

To book your voyage, visit today.

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