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A Delicious Taste of India at Wah Jee Wah

By Jake Levin

Good isn't good enough for Chef Rounak Dumra.

Inspired by his father, Dumra insists on a very good quality at Wah Jee Wah, an Indian catering company in Fremont, Calif. Wah Jee Wha translates to "good, very good," in English, which is exactly what the chef and owner of the business wants you to leave his catering company thinking about his menu.

"Choosing Wah Jee Wah will leave your guest with an unforgettable experience, which will be a topic of discussion for years to come and we want you to have something to brag about, even if it's just picking the right caterer," Dumra said.

Dumra described the menu at Wah Jee Wah as new age Indian cuisine, as well as the traditional standbys. Indian food and flavor are very aromatic, he said, yelling out "Hi honey I am home" to all of your sensors and tickling your taste buds with each bite, all with a little kick for the soul.

Wah Jee Wah mixes it up in terms of the presentation of its cuisine, with numerous methods of food prep. Cooking, grilling, baking, stewing and frying are options when it comes to nearly all of Wah Jee Wah's dishes.

"We believe in serving only fresh, local, best sourced ingredients," Dumra said of his catering company in the East Bay. "Using wood fire as much as possible, with live stations, it's a treat for the guest."

At the moment, Dumra said that his favorite dish is the lamb kabob chops and the tava veg. But that doesn't preclude him from anything else on Wah Jee Wah's menu, where anything smoky on the grill is a winner in Dumra's book.

Wah Jee Wah has been helping redefine what's good and what's very good for over three years now under Dumra's guidance. To learn more about the offering's at Wah Jee Wah and other things about the catering company, be sure to check out the company's website at

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